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Recycling Bin Order Form

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    Residential All Size Bins

    Blue Bins and Carts

    Blue bins are for plastic containers, aluminum cans and glass. They come in two standard sizes.

    The smaller, rectangular (18-gallon) blue bins are sufficient for most households.

    The larger, round (25-gallon) blue bins are for families who need a larger container for their blue bin materials.

    Limited time availability: The 35-gallon blue recycle cart with lid is only available to customers who live in select services areas, as noted in the form below, and have curbside garbage and recycling collection service. The SWA has a limited quantity of these containers available.

    Yellow Bins

    Yellow bins are for cardboard and paper. They come in one size, the rectangular 18-gallon yellow bin.

    Thank you for helping to Recycle Right in Palm Beach County! Learn more

    Bin and Cart Delivery and Pickup

    18 and 25-gallon bins are delivered to the customer’s home by their hauler. Optionally, customers may arrange to pick up their bin(s) at the Authority’s Administration Building in West Palm Beach by calling the Authority at 866-NEW-BINS (866-639-2467), rather than completing this online request form.

    35-gallon carts must be picked up by customers at the Authority’s Administration Building. Once the completed bin/cart request form is received, the customer will be contacted (Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.) by one of our customer service representatives to confirm the order and schedule pickup. Please do not arrive without an appointment.

    18-gallon yellow bin

    18-gallon blue bin
    25-gallon blue bin
  8. The following specialized recycling bin size (35-gallon) is only available to residents within the following areas:
    • Unincorporated Palm Beach County
    • City of West Palm Beach
    • Town of Lake Clarke Shores
    • Town of Palm Beach
    • Village of Wellington
    35 gallon blue bin
  9. Would you like apartment bags?

    These are reusable bags used to collect recyclables in your home and transport them to the larger blue and yellow bins located in the dumpster area of your building.

    Apartment Bags - Blue and Yellow
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