What is Resource Depot?

For 21 years, Resource Depot has tackled Palm Beach County’s growing waste problem by rescuing unwanted and excess materials, turning waste into wonder. Resource Depot collects donations from businesses and individuals and redistributes the items to teachers, artists, families, and other non-profit organizations that need them, encouraging creative, hands-on learning and innovation.

Not only does this support arts and education programs by stretching supply budgets, Resource Depot keeps hundreds of thousands of pounds reusable materials out of the landfill each year –materials such as carpet squares, paper of all sizes and colors, wallpaper sample books, tiles and tile samples, office supplies and craft materials such as buttons, ribbon, yarn or beads.

Every day, Resource Depot encourages others to have fun with diverse materials, inspiring children and adults to express themselves through creating.  Resource Depot serves as an inspiration and resource to Palm Beach County’s next generation to value and care for the planet they’re inheriting through reuse and repurposing.

Resource Depot is located at 2508 Florida Ave in West Palm Beach. For hours and information, visit Resource Depot

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