How much yard waste can I set at the curb?

Yard waste is picked up once a week for residents in unincorporated Palm Beach County and each week, one (1) pile at a maximum of 6 cubic yards of yard waste can be placed at the curb for collection. Yard debris which exceeds one pile or 6 cubic yards (total of pile and canned debris) at the curb will have no portion collected.  See what six cubic yards looks like by visiting our webpage.

Yard waste refers to debris from routine residential yard maintenance only. Debris from land clearing or tree removal is not eligible to be collected at the curb. 

To avoid service interruption: 

  • Make sure yard waste at the curb does not exceed one (1) pile or 6 cubic yards (total of pile and canned debris). 
  • Keep it separate from other debris and free of dirt or sand. 
  • Place loose vegetation like leaves, tree and hedge trimmings, pine needles, etc. in a container such as a paper bag or garbage can. 
  • Cut branches into pieces that are no more than 6 feet long, 6 inches in diameter, and weigh no more than 50 pounds each. Palm fronds can be any length. 
  • Neatly stack tree branches and palm fronds in a pile that does not exceed 6 cubic yards. 

Yard waste that exceeds 6 cubic yards (total of pile and canned debris) will not be serviced. They will be tagged and it will be the residents’ responsibility to arrange for removal, either by:

Note: Coconuts are not yard waste and must be placed in your garbage cart for collection on either of your scheduled garbage service days. 

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