How do I dispose of roofing shingles or tiles?
Small amounts of roofing shingles or tiles should be containerized by double bagging. Small amounts placed loosely at the curb are impossible to collect mechanically and if collection is attempted the result is usually extensive damage to the lawn, swale, or street. If you have a large amount we recommend the rental of a roll-off container or having your roofer include the cost of removal of the shingles in their roof replacement estimate. In many cases, these costs are covered by your insurance company.

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1. When is hurricane season?
2. I know the SWA wants all residents to do regular yard maintenance year round but what is the best time for me to do major cutting and/or tree removal?
3. When preparing for hurricane season, is there a limit to the amount of vegetation I can place at the curb for collection?
4. Why shouldn't I do major cutting in May when hurricane season doesn't officially begin until June 1?
5. Does SWA collect my storm debris or is it FEMA that provides the service?
6. I live in a gated community or on a private road. Will SWA collect my storm debris?
7. When can we expect to have the first collection of storm debris?
8. How soon will my regular garbage be collected following a storm?
9. How many times will a contractor collect debris from my home?
10. What will SWA contractors collect on the first pass?
11. Why do I have to separate my yard waste from my construction debris? Can't you pick them up in the same truck?
12. The storm debris contractor left a lot of leaves and pine needles when they picked up my large pile. Who is responsible for cleaning that up?
13. Will there be more damage to my property from the storm debris collection process?
14. If our community does not want to wait for SWA and we hire a private contractor, will we get reimbursed?
15. I live in the city limits. Will SWA be picking up my storm debris?
16. How do I dispose of roofing shingles or tiles?
17. I filled my recycling bins with drywall. Why would my hauler keep passing them by instead of emptying them?
18. My fence blew down during hurricane. Will SWA pick it up from the curb?
19. Will SWA contractors come into my yard to collect my large debris so I don't have to transport it to the curb?
20. Why can't SWA guarantee debris pickup when they know a storm is approaching? We could be seriously harmed by flying debris if it isn't collected!
21. Will SWA arrange for contractors to collect storm debris from my place of business?
22. Will my stumps also be collected?
23. Is there a cut-off date for getting my storm debris curbside?
24. Both residents and lawn service personnel pile fallen and trimmed coconuts at the curb. Will they be picked up?