Will yard waste collection change?

Yard waste collection service will be provided one time per week in unincorporated Palm Beach County. This service is limited to normal residential yard waste maintenance, such as grass cutting, tree pruning, palm frond cutting, hedge trimming, etc. The service is not intended for debris related to land clearing or tree removal. 

Yard waste service will be limited to one (1) 6 (6) cubic yard pile per week and no more may be placed at the curb.

All small yard waste debris (leaves, clippings, hedge trimmings, etc.) must be containerized. We strongly encourage residents to use their current garbage containers for small yard waste debris for the new contract effective Oct. 1, 2019. Plastic bags are acceptable, however the Authority would like to discourage their use. A significant amount of the yard waste is ground to produce mulch. Much of this mulch can be land applied on agricultural fields, however the plastic bags contaminate the mulch, which is problematic. 

Branches and palm fronds may be placed neatly outside the container. While there is no limit on the length of palm fronts, branches may not exceed six (6) feet in length or six (6) inches in diameter and no single piece or container may exceed fifty (50) pounds. It is important to remember that the bulk of this material is picked up by hand, and material that exceeds these limits presents a risk to the collection personnel and cannot be collected.

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