How will garbage collection change? What is automated collection?

Residential curbside service will change from the current manual collection system to automated/semi-automated residential curbside garbage collection service in unincorporated Palm Beach County when the new contract takes effect on Oct. 1, 2019.

Automated service involves a truck equipped with a mechanical arm that extends and dumps a special cart designed for the truck. The truck requires one person operating the arm from inside the truck cab.

Semi-automated service is a truck equipped with two (2) mechanical flippers located on the back of a rear load truck. This truck requires two (2) employees (usually a driver and helper) and eliminates the current manual lifting element of the job.

There are special heavy-duty carts compatible with the haulers automated or semi-automated collection equipment. The hauler awarded the seven (7) year contract is responsible for purchasing, delivering, and as necessary, repairing and replacing these carts.

automated collection truck

An example of an automated collection truck

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