Why would you charge less for using supplemental waste than you charge Palm Beach County residents?
Those delivering supplemental waste are receiving the benefit of only one element of the Solid Waste Authority’s integrated solid waste management system, and not the entire system that serves our residents and businesses. The rates these companies may pay need only to exceed the additional cost of that one component of our system to generate positive cash flow and lower our residents’ rates.

The integrated solid waste management system includes many services that benefit residents, both directly and indirectly. These include home chemical and recycling centers, the landfill, recycling facilities, renewable energy facilities, transfer stations, and yard waste processing facilities. These facilities are all operated in accordance with significant Federal and State regulations, and are subject to extensive monitoring and reporting. The rates our county residents and businesses pay reflect the cost of the entire system.

In using supplemental waste, we are providing limited access to our system for waste delivered directly to the Renewable Energy Facility 2, and only for a limited time.

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1. What do I need to know about the Solid Waste Authority’s new Renewable Energy Facility 2?
2. Why is the Solid Waste Authority looking to use supplemental waste in our county?
3. Does the Solid Waste Authority have to use supplemental waste?
4. When will the decision be made on using supplemental waste?
5. How much supplemental waste is the Solid Waste Authority proposing to use?
6. What kind of supplemental waste will be processed?
7. How much can the Solid Waste Authority charge for the supplemental waste, and how much will you make?
8. Why would you charge less for using supplemental waste than you charge Palm Beach County residents?
9. What is the benefit to the residents and businesses of Palm Beach County?
10. The Solid Waste Authority’s mission statement only addresses waste from Palm Beach County. Does the Authority have the right to accept waste from outside the County?
11. What will be the traffic impact on this part of North Jog Road for using supplemental waste?
12. Will there be a significant traffic impact?
13. What about the noise from these additional trucks?
14. Have you conducted a noise study to determine the impact of the Renewable Energy project and what impact will the increased waste deliveries have?
15. Won’t using supplemental waste have a negative impact on neighboring community property values?
16. What about carbon emissions? What is the impact of using supplemental waste on carbon emissions?
17. Has the Solid Waste Authority performed an air quality analysis related to the project?
18. What air quality controls will be used at Renewable Energy Facility 2?
19. Will using supplemental waste, as the Solid Waste Authority proposes, contribute to increased pollution?
20. If Renewable Energy Facility 2 will produce ash, won’t using supplemental waste reduce the life of the Solid Waste Authority’s landfill?
21. What is the impact on recycling?
22. When will the use of supplemental waste stop?