Am I a “VSQG”?

The key to answering this question is to determine which and how much of the wastes you produce are considered hazardous. The federal regulations identifying hazardous wastes and hazardous waste management requirements are found in 40 CFR 261. In general, the more hazardous waste you produce (generate) the more you are regulated. You must first look at all of the waste materials you dispose of and make a determination using the federal criteria as to which are regulated hazardous wastes. Based on that amount, generators will fall into one of three categories - Very Small Quantity, Small Quantity, or Large Quantity. VSQG's have the most flexibility in their waste disposal options, however, anyone handling or supplying chemicals or hazardous substances must comply with other related safety oriented regulations.

A VSQG generates less than 220 lbs. (or approximately 1/2 drum) of hazardous waste, or 2.2 lbs. of acute hazardous waste per calendar month, and never accumulates more than 2,200 lbs. of hazardous waste.

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1. Am I a “VSQG”?
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