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Jun 21

Dear Recyclinda: Are cracker cartons recyclable?

Posted on June 21, 2017 at 3:26 PM by Becky Robinson


Dear Recyclinda,

I buy fish-shaped crackers in a 30 oz. container that almost looks like a milk carton. Is it recyclable? If it is, which recycling bin should it go in?

Ruthie in Jupiter 

Palm Beach County recyclers who are experts in carton-graphy know that milk and juice cartons go in the blue recycling bin with the rest of their containers. But cracker cartons?

Goldfish carton

Those are a no-go.

Cracker cartons are not made the same way as milk cartons, and they include a foil-like lining that keeps them from being recycled. Because of that, they should go in the garbage where they will be sent to one of our renewable energy facilities, burned and turned into electricity.


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