Virtual Volunteer Program

2020 Virtual Volunteer logo for the webVirtual Volunteering

We promote community education about waste prevention and recycling through our website and social media platforms. The program’s foundation is to bring virtual opportunities for the community to participate either at home, school, work or play.

The Virtual Volunteering program is great for everyone to include adults, students and families with small children. This program is a perfect fit for those who are interested in helping to protect the environment through creative DIY arts and crafts projects and activities. Not only can you enjoy working on a project while in the comfort of your own home, you may schedule them at your convenience. If you want to make a bigger impact you can also include classmates or co-workers.

From flexibility to expanding your horizons, there are many clear advantages to Virtual Volunteering. It could be a perfect fit for:

  • Those with busy schedules and who need flexible scheduling
  • Those who care for young children and need to stay home
  • Those without a vehicle or who experience other transportation or mobility challenges
  • Students who are looking for community service hours (approval from teacher or school is required)
  • Those who want to learn something new about solid waste management and recycling
  • Those that want to have do a group project, such as in a classroom or work
  • Volunteers will be able to share what they learn, enabling others to become more involved with the SWA’s Virtual Volunteer program

Most activities are designed to be quick and easy to do. We ask for volunteers to devote at least a few hours each month to the program.

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