When Industry Speaks for the Trees
Humans are the connection between industry and nature. It is our responsibility to balance our urban lives with the natural systems we rely on.

We need conservation areas like the SWA Greenway Trail System to filter and store water. Plants’ roots absorb and clean our water before we use it for drinking. The soil holds water to prevent flooding around our homes and businesses. These are two types of ecosystem services. By calculating a value for these services we can better protect natural areas.

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Plants and wildlife that keep these natural systems running need space for their habitat. Considerations like these are necessary for the future in urban planning decisions. 

People do not live separate from natural areas. Every day we all take actions that have positive and negative impacts on the environment. Acknowledging these impacts is the first step. The second step is to lessen your negative impacts and make deliberate changes in your life to improve the environment. 

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When Industry Speaks for the Trees

Inspirational Leader: Elon Musk

With a vision to change the world and humanity, Elon Musk is a revolutionary business magnate, investor, engineer, and inventor whose focus is sustainability. Changing the field of space exploration, SpaceX is on the way to developing cheaper and more reliable means to launch rockets into orbit by making the first ever reusable rockets. Tesla motors car company creating affordable pollution free electric cars. SolarCity is a business making renewable energy affordable for everyone. His main goal is to combat global warming.
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