Celebrate America Recycles Day With the SWA!

2021 ARD
Our celebration of America Recycles Day has gone virtual!

Join us for a weeklong wander into the wonderful world of waste, beginning on America Recycles Day, Monday, Nov. 15. Tune in every day to our Facebook page to revisit our award winning 2020 Virtual America Recycles Day Event! You will learn about the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County, get helpful tips on how to Recycle Right, and hear about fun ways you can get involved. There might even be a few surprises throughout the week!  

Recycle Right!   Kick off your celebration of America Recycles Day by going behind the scenes to see what happens to Palm Beach County’s recycling. 
Check out today's video here: Recycle Right!

Tuesday Heavy Equipment Showcase –  Get up close and personal with some of the loaders, dozers and cranes used to move 17 million pounds of garbage and recyclables each day.
Check out today's video here: Heavy Equipment


Wednesday Home Chemical and Recycling What dangers might be lurking in your home? Find out and discover how to drop them off.
Check out today's video here: Home Chemical and Recycling

Thursday Trekking Through the Trails – Check out the newly-installed signs on the SWA’s Rookery Trail and discover what animals you may see while exploring the SWA Greenway Trail System.
Check out today's video here: Greenway Trail System

Friday - SWA Volunteering Program –  Find out about SWA’s Virtual Volunteer Program with a composting worm bin DIY project. 

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America Recycles Day, a program of Keep America Beautiful, is a nationally-recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the United States. Every year on or around Nov. 15 (America Recycles Day), event organizers educate neighbors, friends and colleagues through thousands of events nationwide.