For SWA Employees

(09-03-2019 @ 2:30P) 
All SWA facilities will open Wednesday, Sept, 4, and all employees are to return to work.

For those employees with kids in the PBC School system, the schools are closed through Wednesday (09-04-2019). As there are still 11 shelters opened at this time, no determination has been made if schools will open on Thursday.


Aetna has opened its Resources For Living (EAP) services to the community regardless of whether they are Aetna members or not.  

Individuals can call 833-327-AETNA (833-327-2386) for consultation to help cope with the emotional impact of this event or for assistance finding resources such as available shelters, government services, and other referrals.

Additional resources:

Florida’s price gouging hotline to protect consumers has been activated. The law prohibits extreme increases in the price of essential commodities including food, water, hotels, ice, gas, lumber and other equipment. Report gouging by calling 866-9NO-SCAM or download the NO SCAM reporting app.


Here are the ways you can stay informed of openings and closures. 
- Give your cell phone number to Human Resources to receive text alerts.
- Call the SWA main number, 561-640-4000, and listen for the Employee prompt
- Call your supervisor
- Watch your email
- Follow our social media pages:

Once a Storm Is Named

PBC LogoPalm Beach County's Division of Emergency Management's Emergency Operations Center is at Level IV - Normal Operations. Learn how to prepare your family by visiting

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Do not cut down trees or do major yard work once Palm Beach County is in the cone of uncertainty. There is not enough equipment or manpower to handle additional material before the storm makes landfall.

Watch a short video from SWA for safety tips»

Learn more about what do during and after a storm»
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Before a Storm Occurs

From PBC Emergency ManagementKnow your zone! 
  1. Make a plan (with your family, and include your pets) 
  2. Build a kit (for your household) 
  3. Get involved (volunteer) 
  4. Be informed (connect)
Find out what should be on your emergency supply shopping list (PDF)» 
All major cutting of vegetation (i.e., tree removal) should be completed long before June 1, the beginning of hurricane season. Do all major cutting/tree removal from December 1 through April 30. 
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Hurricane FAQs
View frequently asked questions about hurricane preparedness and debris pickup.