Awarded Contracts

Awarded contracts are listed below. To view or download bid documents, click on the bid number or award link. 

Bid tabulations / award recommendation will be posted for review by interested parties at Purchasing Services for a period of 5 calendar days. Bid tabulations / award recommendation will be furnished upon request by telephone, fax, email or submittal of a self-addressed, stamped envelope. It is the bidder’s sole responsibility to ascertain the time of posting of the bid tabulation/award recommendation.

For questions or to request bid documents, call 561-640-4000, extension 4520, or email us.

For a list of currently open bid, RFP, and RFQ opportunities with the SWA, please visit our Contract Opportunities page.

Awarded Contracts


Contract Number Bid Title Expires Renewals Left
19-30/AL    Sale of Surplus Lead Acid Batteries for Recycling  September 23, 2021   1
 19-16/AL   Bush Hog Services  September 18, 2021 
19-24/AL    Pest Control Services  August 01, 2021 
19-17/LB    Sanitary Landfill Leachate & Gas Collection System Cleaning Services  June 16, 2021 
 19-01/DL   Chemical Cleaning of Landfill Leachate Collection System   December 31, 2021 
19-05/AL    Track Re-building and Repair  May 05, 2020 
 19-10/AL    Hydraulic System Parts, Service and Repair May 04, 2020 
19-04/LB    Furnish and Delivery of Batteries: Automotive and Heavy Duty  April 8, 2020 
 19-02/AL   Recycling of Latex Paint  April 09, 2020 
19-06/LB    Purchase of New Press-on Solid Tires and Recapping of Off-Road Air Tires and Tire Services   March 25, 2020   2
 19-08/AL   Recovery and Movement of Off-Road Equipment  February 20, 2020 
 19-03/AL   Furnish and Delivery of OEM Repair Parts for Various Equipment   November 20, 2019  2
 18-22/AL   Calibration, Maintenance and Pit Cleaning of Truck Scale  September 11, 2020
 18-24/DL   Rebid End of Life (EOL) Electronic Recycling Services  August 19, 2020   1
18-04-AL    25 Gallon Round Recycling Container  March 5, 2020 
18-10/AL    Automotive and Equipment Filters March 21, 2020   1
 18-08/DL   Furnish & Delivery of Fuel   March 31, 2020  0
 18-14/AL   Reconditioned Drums  February 12, 2020   1
 18-05/AL   Fuel System Repair and Maintenance  February 12, 2020 
18-18/AL    Repair and Maintenance of SWA Landfill Gas Compression and Flare System  August 26, 2019 
 18-03/AL   Drain Cleaning Services for Grease Traps, Building and Storm Drain Lines and Lift Stations  January 13, 2020   1

  Annual Inspection, Testing, Certification, Repair and Maintenance of Fire Sprinkler Systems, Fire Hydrants, and Fire Pumps. 

July 30, 2019

 18-23/DL   Recycled Crushed Concrete; Asphalt and Stone   July 2,
 18-11/AL   Repair and Maintenance of Landfill Gas Chiller System   July 08, 2019
 18-12/AL   Furnish and Delivery of Rubber Cutting Edges  July 25, 2019   2
 18-07/AL   Pressure Cleaning Services  December 19, 2019 
 17-13/AL   RPET Shopping Style Bags November 8, 2018   2
17-07/AL    Purchase, Installation, Testing and Repair of Over Head Doors and Fire Shutters July 19, 2019   1
17-12/AL    Purchase of Transfer Trailer Tarpaulins October 09,
 17-Q04/AL    Drain Cleaning Services June 8, 2019 
 17-Q03/AL   20 Degree Muriatic Acid May 22, 2020 
 16-18/AL   Cleaning Chemicals (Soap) for Use at Truck Wash Facility February 27, 2020 
18-02/DL    Furnish and Deliver Odor Control Chemical Products   January 8, 2019
 17-04/AL   Recycling of Latex Paint January 16, 2018
17-03/AL    Landscaping Services for Solid Waste Authority's Transfer Stations   December 12, 2019 
16-Q11/SB    Mercury Lamps, Devices and PCB ballasts October 16, 2019 0
 16-13/BN   Temporary Personnel October 24, 2019  0