Home Chemical Disposal Guide

What to Bring

You may bring the following to any SWA Home Chemical and Recycling Center. You may find alternative locations at Earth911.org.

Typical Items Accepted at Any SWA Waste Drop-Off Location
Alternative Locations 
Aerosol cans (if not empty)
Household cleaners (ammonia, bleach, degreasers)
Automotive Products (antifreeze, batteries, body fillers, brake fluid, diesel fuel, gasoline, gasoline, used oil, oil filters)
Used Oil *
Auto parts stores, oil change services
Home maintenance products (paints, stains, glues)
Hobby chemicals (photo chemicals, paints)
Batteries (automotive, rechargeable, button batteries)
Major retailers, auto parts stores
Mercury and lighting products (fluorescent lamps, thermometers, thermostats) *
Compact fluorescent lamps
Home Depot, Lowe's
Boat products (gasoline, flares, batteries, wax)
Cooking oil 
Paint and paint products
Electronics (televisions, computers, printers)
Pesticides and garden products
Flares, ammunition, and fireworks
Pool products (chlorine, muriatic acid)
Fuels * (gasoline, diesel fuel, rubbing alcohol)
Propane cylinders

 What Not to Bring

Items Not Accepted at SWA Drop-Off Locations
How to Dispose of or Whom to Contact
Aerosol cans (empty)
Empty aerosols cans may be disposed of in the garbage
Drugs, medications, and pharmaceuticals (PDF)
Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, 561-6814460
Empty containers
May be disposed of in your garbage
Empty paint cans and paint brushes
May be disposed of in your garbage
Call the Bomb Squad, 911
Garbage and trash
Call 561-697-2700 for more information
Medical waste 
Call 561-687-1100 for more information
Sharps, needles, and syringes 
Palm Beach County Health Department has a Used Sharps Depository Program, 561-837-5900
Small business waste 
Call 561-687-1100 for more information
Smoke detectors and radioactive wastes
Call 561-687-1100 for more information
Call 561-697-2700 for more information

Quantity Limits

  • Do not exceed maximum quantity limits:
  • Gasoline – 30 gallons at West Palm Beach and West Delray Beach locations
  • Gasoline – 10 gallons at all other locations
  • Oil – 25 gallons
  • Fluorescent Light Bulbs – limit 10
For larger quantities or unusual wastes please call 561-687-1100.