Planning & Rules

Planning Documents

2021 Palm Beach County Debris Management Plan (PDF)
The adopted plan for managing the clearing, collection, and disposal of debris resulting from hurricanes and other natural disasters.
Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan (PDF)
The master plan of the Solid Waste Authority, including facilities, capacities, and projections (August 2006).
2021 Landfill Depletion Model (PDF)
Forecast of Waste Generation and Landfill Depletion: 2021 - 2075.
2021 Annual Capacity Letter (PDF)
Certification that the SWA has disposal capacity to accommodate the solid waste generation for the municipalities and unincorporated county for the 2021 year. This letter constitutes notification of sufficient capacity for concurrency management and comprehensive planning purposes (Jan. 6, 2021).

Solid Waste Authority Rules

PBC Solid Waste Sites Inventory (Current and Past Solid Waste Sites)

An inventory of all known solid waste sites in Palm Beach County.

Public Notifications

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