The mission of the Solid Waste Authority is to manage the materials discarded by the residents and businesses of Palm Beach County in a manner consistent with its legislative mandate and applicable local, state and federal ordinances, regulations and laws.


The plan through which the Authority accomplishes its Mission, represents a county-wide, integrated and coordinated set of environmentally responsible and economical solid waste management programs. This plan assures that the environment of Palm Beach County and all of South Florida is protected.

Programs developed and implemented by the Authority in accordance with its plan, provide for:
  • Integrating solid waste transportation, processing, recycling, resource recovery, and disposal technologies
  • Informing the public about solid waste management issues
  • Protecting the environment

Shared Vision, Values & Commitments

The Solid Waste Authority is comprised of a team of dedicated individuals who share a vision of excellence. This vision includes values and commitments that help us meet the challenges set forth by the Authority’s Mission.

Through the professional efforts of our team, from the Governing Board to the employees, these shared values and commitments are essential to carry out the key elements of our mission.

Commitment to a Public Partnership

The Authority holds the public’s trust as one of its highest values. Sometimes decisions made by the Authority are unpopular and it is our responsibility to assure that these decisions are made in consideration of the entire county’s welfare. The public’s understanding of why such decisions are made is important to us, and we make it a priority to be available and responsive in dealing with issues of concern to our residents. We also strive to be transparent in our stewardship of public dollars, and are continually putting your tax dollars to work.

We pride ourselves on the professionalism of our staff and firmly believe we are in partnership with the public, as we deal with the issues of solid waste management in Palm Beach County.

Commitment to Environmental Quality

Properly managing solid waste is an important element of environmental stewardship. The Authority takes this responsibility seriously and is committed to providing for the environmentally sound management of the county’s solid waste.

This is accomplished through our state-of-the-art facilities, high standards of operation, and a policy of going beyond what is minimally required to meet federal, state and local regulations. The Authority is committed to providing Palm Beach County with safe disposal methods now and for future generations with the goal of minimizing our environmental footprint.

Commitment to Staff Excellence

The staff at the Solid Waste Authority is the heart of the organizational team. The Authority is committed to maintaining and developing a highly professional and technically exceptional staff to provide creative and innovative solutions to the diverse waste management issues facing Palm Beach County.

The appropriate balance of experience, varying perspectives, creativity, and the ability to evaluate risks coupled with a willingness to assume responsibility is key to the Authority’s ability to serve.

Commitment to the Future

Inherent in the future are uncertainty and risk. There are no easy answers or formulas for success. In order to be successful, we must be diligent in our efforts to keep abreast of technologies and ever mindful of decisions that are made in the best interest of the public we serve.

The Authority is committed to the future, and we will strive to provide an integrated solid waste management system that will serve Palm Beach County for generations to come.

Public Acknowledgement

We all appreciate our county for a variety of reasons, including its beautiful climate, prosperity, economic growth, and recreational opportunities.

While the reasons may differ, one fact remains the same: we all call this area our home and do not want to see our quality of life degraded. While solutions to achieve this are available, the decisions we must make are sometimes difficult.

We must all take ownership and personal responsibility for our actions. This includes changing our attitudes about thoughtlessly discarding waste, while embracing resource conservation, and minimizing the amount of waste we produce. These changes are integral to the Mission and commitments of the Solid Waste Authority.

Through positive action on the part of the public, as well as the agency, solid waste will be managed in a manner which benefits all Palm Beach County residents.