Kitchen & Food Preparation Rules

Facility Kitchen & Food Preparation Rules
  • Please leave the kitchen and its contents in the same condition in which you have found them. Please place all trash and garbage in the trash dumpster outside of the facility.
  • Children under 16 are not permitted in the kitchen at any time.
  • The group will be responsible for the replacement or repairs to any part of the kitchen or equipment therein, which has become broken, defaced, or damaged as a result of the group's event.
  • Damage fees are based upon replacement or repair costs incurred by the SWA and may exceed the deposit amount. The SWA may take legal action to recover these costs.
  • A pre and post event walkthrough will be required. The SWA staff will visually inspect the kitchen and facility immediately following the event with a member of the group. Within 3 days the Risk Manager or his/her designee will contact the group to discuss any damage noted during, or after the walkthrough and what course of action will be taken.
  • All persons using the kitchen facility and handling food and/or all food items should follow procedures as required by the Department of Health.
  • All food items must be removed at the end of the event. No food items may be stored for pickup at a later date.
  • The SWA assumes no responsibility for the preparation and service of any food items.
  • The facility is under the exclusive control of the SWA Risk Management Department. SWA employees have the authority and will enforce all rules and regulations governing the use of the kitchen and its equipment.
  • It is the responsibility of the group to provide their own cooking, serving, and eating utensils/dishes, paper products and all other items.