Damage & Deposits

Facility Damage & Rental Deposits
  • After the use permit expires and no damage fees have been assessed, the damage deposit will be refunded. A check will be issued by the Finance Department. This process can take up to 4 weeks. The check will be mailed or, upon request, can be picked up at the SWA Administration Building.
  • Damage fees are assessed in the following situations or as deemed necessary by the Risk Manager or his/her designee.
    • Removal of carpet or tile stains requiring more than standard extraction or cleaning methods
    • Stains on the walls
    • Broken furniture or equipment
    • Defacement or vandalism of any part of the interior or exterior of the building
    • Damage created by improper use of equipment or non-compliance with facility rules
    • Equipment found to be missing as a result of a group using the facility
    • Police called for an emergency or a disturbance
  • Damage fees are based on replacement or repair costs incurred by the SWA, and may exceed the deposit amount. The SWA may take legal action to recover these costs.
  • A post-function walkthrough will be required. The SWA staff will visually inspect the facility immediately following the event with a member of the group, if one is available. Within 3 business days, the Risk Manager or his/her designee will contact the group to discuss any damage noted during the walkthrough or additional damage that was found and what course of action will be taken.
Note: If all fees are not paid 10 days prior to the event, the refund of damage deposit may be delayed.