Adopt-A-Spot Program 

Following the philosophy that a cleaner community is generally a safer community, SWA’s Adopt-A-Spot groups play an important role in environmental stewardship. The SWA’s Adopt-A-Spot Program, in existence since 1999, is a litter abatement and beautification program that provides community groups tools and supplies to “adopt” and improve the appearance of specific locations in their community. 

While most household debris is collected curbside, other areas-such as road right-of-ways and vacant lots tend to collect unsightly, unsanitary debris that will continue to accumulate if not cleaned.

Adopt-A-Spot groups can also conduct beautification projects in their area to compliment their cleanup efforts. Administered by the SWA's Customer Information Services Department (CIS), the Adopt-A-Spot program is one in which any size group can participate. This map shows how many Adopt-a-Spot sites there are throughout Palm Beach County. The Friends of Jupiter Beach is the SWA’s largest and oldest group with several thousand members. Last year more than 70 events were conducted.

SWA provides necessary tools and supplies once a group has committed to conducting at least 2 cleanup/beautification projects per year.  Once your "spot" is deemed "litter free", you may mobilize your group and pick another pre-approved "spot".  Making a  difference in the environment through Adopt-A-Spot is one of the most rewarding and positive volunteer experiences!

What you need to do:
  • Download and complete the Adopt-A-Spot Application (PDF) and return to SWA or to request an application be mailed to you, complete the online form
  • Commit to clean or beautify your area no less than two times per year
  • Enlist the support of as many volunteers as possible. Ask them to come prepared with water, a hat and protective clothing
  • Consider having a centralized location where group members can take water breaks or possibly join in a picnic or cookout following the cleanup
  • Return data to the SWA following cleanup