Field Trip Experiences

The Education Team will begin booking tours for the 2023-24 school year on Aug. 4. 

To request an in-person school tour, please complete the Field Experience Request Form.

Virtual Lessons will continue to be offered. Please complete the Virtual Lesson Request Form.

The general scheduling dates for each program are noted, but please check the Education Calendar for open tour dates.

Field Trip Experiences (Grades 3-12)

Field Trip Experiences provide the opportunity for students to learn first-hand about a subject area, and visiting the facilities at the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County (SWA) is no exception!

The goal is to expand students' knowledge of the SWA's Integrated Solid Waste Management System, and to help them gain an understanding of the importance of reducing waste. At the end of each program, students will participate in a hands-on interactive lesson that reinforces what they learned during their visit. The SWA has created lesson plans for the programs, which include a pre- and post-lesson.

Student programs are conducted Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Field Trip Experience Programs

 Industry and Nature Coexist
(Grades 3, 7 and High School)

The Industry and Nature Coexist program has students step out into the SWA Greenway Trail System and learn about the way the we coexist with nature. Students will learn about various plants and wildlife, and environmental monitoring programs at the SWA.

Recycle Right (Grades 4, 6 and High School)

The Recycle Right program focuses on the recycling programs at the SWA and how students can do their part at home. Students will see the Recovered Materials Processing Facility and the Home Chemical and Recycling Center in West Palm Beach. *Students must be able to arrive on a bus to participate in this program.

Renewable Energy  (Grades 5, 8 and High School)

This Renewable Energy program is designed to teach students the importance of using renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels. Students see the processes used at the SWA's Renewable Energy Facility 2, and how the facility generates electricity from the county's 1.6 million tons of trash each year.

Student programs are conducted Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. for a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of two classes (~40 students) at a time. To schedule, please fill out the Field Trip Experience Form.  *Please note, this is a request form and not a guarantee of a scheduled program.

 Groups must have one adult chaperone for every 10 students and no more than one chaperone for every 5 students. 

All attendees must sign and return the attached School Liability Waiver (PDF) before arriving to the SWA’s Education Center. Agreements can be faxed to 561-640-8956, Attention: Education Department, or emailed.