What You Can Recycle at Work

Yellow Bins

There is no need to remove staples, paper clips, rubber bands, or metal clasps. Please do not recycle paper towels or tissues. The following items can be recycled at work in your yellow bin:

Office and school paper
Letterhead, computer paper, legal paper, loose-leaf paper, cash register receipts, scratch and message paper, copy and typing paper, memos, colored paper, carbonless NCR type paper, and plain kraft paper 
White, manila and colored with or without windows
Manila or colored
Data processing
Computer printouts, adding machine tapes, and accounting ledgers
Unwanted mail
Letters, pamphlets, brochures, advertisements and booklets
All cardboard boxes
Please flatten all cardboard. Beverage cartons, dry food boxes, tissue boxes, corrugated cardboard
Including all their inserts
Magazines and categories
Magazines, catalogs, and phone books

Blue Bins

These items can be recycled at work in your blue bin:

 Item  Note
 Aluminum cans
 Plastic containers  #1- #7 / You can leave the lid on or take it off
 Steel cans
 Drink boxes
 Remove straw
 Milk and Juice cartons
 Glass bottles and jars
Please take metal lids off of glass containers and throw both in the bin