Recycling Bin Forms

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Residential Recycling

These recycling containers are for curbside collection only. They are collected manually.

The order form below is for residents of Palm Beach County who receive curbside garbage and recycling services. If you are a resident of a community that utilizes dumpsters and you do not have recycling services available, please see Multi-family / Condominium Recycling, above. 

All other areas of Palm Beach County, click here to request a curbside recycling bin»

Multi-Family/Condominium Recycling

These recycling containers are only for multi-family complexes with dumpster service. They are serviced mechanically.

If you reside in a multi-family or condominium community that receives dumpster service and there is no recycling service, the SWA will send a Field Service Representative to the complex to try to institute recycling in the community. If you receive curbside garbage service, please use the Residential Recycling Bin Order Form to the left to order your bins.

Please note that recycling is not mandatory in Palm Beach County; therefore, if the property management or association refuses to institute recycling services at your complex, it is their right to do so. It is up to the owners or residents to express their concerns to their property management or association.

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Business Recycling

If you do not recycle at your place of business and would like to, the SWA will send a Field Service Representative to your business to provide a free waste review of your garbage and recycling needs.

Please note that there is usually a fee associated with implementing commercial recycling services. However, these costs may be offset by the reduction in garbage fees, as less garbage will be collected. You can help in this process by getting approval from your property manager or business owner prior to instituting recycling services.

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Thank you for recycling. If you have any questions, please call 866-NEW-BINS (866-639-2467).