A special waste is any material that is not municipal solid waste (normal garbage or trash) and may require special handling due to its size, physical characteristics, source, packaging, regulatory classification, record-keeping needs, or any other trait which may potentially impact employees, equipment, or facilities.

Special Wastes are Not accepted at Transfers Stations. Most Special Wastes are Landfilled although some may be directed to one of our Waste-to-Energy plants.
Special Waste Disposal

Examples of Special Wastes needing Documentation and Authorization and Escort

  • Asbestos


Follow the SWA's Asbestos Policy.
Call Hazardous Waste Services for an appointment.

Asbestos disposal and asbestos removal are two separate activities. Asbestos removal is regulated by the


Palm Beach County Health Department

Asbestos Documents

Examples of Special Wastes needing Documentation and Authorization

  • Contaminated Soils
  • Expired Consumer Products
  • Industrial Wastes
  • Spill Cleanups


Complete a Special Waste Application Form
Read Delivery Procedures.and note payment methods.

Special Waste Documents

Acceptance Criteria
The SWA considers the following issues in deciding whether or not to accept any special waste:  
  • The regulatory status of the waste and/or related regulatory requirements
  • The type of hazards presented and the potential for worker exposure
  • The ability to safely manage the waste in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • The availability of other recycling or disposal options.
  • Analytical data may be required.
Disposal Costs
The decision to accept a material for disposal, and the cost of disposal, is influenced by several additional factors, including the amount of time and the degree of effort the Authority requires to manage the waste and the potential for beneficial reuse within the SWA. The SWA may consider the following:
  • Physical form, characteristics, and volume
  • The disposal facility used
  • The equipment necessary to manage the waste
  • The potential impact on the environment
  • The recordkeeping burden
  • The ability of the SWA to use or process the waste
  • The frequency of generation
  • The availability of other disposal facilities or options  

Examples of Special Wastes needing Authorization Form only


Have load inspected at Home Chemical Center.
Obtain Authorization Form.
Deliver to Landfill or REF as directed.

Related Info

Examples of Special Wastes Routinely Accepted at Landfill

  • Appliances
  • CD
  • Livestock waste
  • Dead Animals
  • Tires
  • Treated wood


No special procedures required.
Deliver directly to Landfill

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