Small Business Waste Disposal


The SWA offers a hazardous waste disposal service, for a fee, to eligible businesses that are considered Very Small Quantity Generators or VSQGs per State and Federal regulations.  This program is designed for companies which produce small or infrequent amounts of hazardous wastes. A business is also defined as a non-profit agency, government, or homeowners association - basically anyone that that is not considered a household.


  1. Determine if you are eligible.
  2. Make sure you can meet the program requirements below.
  3. Complete a VSQG Registration Form.
  4. Call to make an appointment.

1. Program Eligibility

  • Must be a VSQG.
  • Must be Palm Beach County business or waste must be generated in PBC.
  • Quantity and /or Material limitations may apply.

2. Program Requirements

  • The Registration Form must be signed by the owner or agent of the company. By signing this form you are certifying that you are a VSQG.
  • Transportation must be provided by you. A VSQG is allowed under the law to transport their own waste. The SWA does not provide transportation.
  • Payment must be made at time of delivery. 
  • Cash, company check or SWA account only.
  • Appointments must be made prior to delivery.

3. Program Documents

4. Program Contact

Mitch Parker
Home Chemical and Recycling Center
6161 N. Jog Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33412

Phone: 561-687-1100 
Fax: 561-687-1103

Small Business

Any business that produces or generates a hazardous waste is responsible for disposing of that waste legally. The management and disposal of hazardous waste is regulated by state and federal laws. It is important for your business to understand the disposal restrictions or options available to you. In addition there are many wastes that while not regulated hazardous waste, may have special handling requirements or disposal restrictions. Refer to the US EPA and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) for more information.

Not Eligible for our Program? 

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