Recycling away from home is even easier because of the recently-launched public awareness campaign promoting recycling at parks, beaches and downtown areas. Implemented on America Recycles Day which occurs annually on November 15th, the Recycle-on-the-Go program makes recycling more convenient and accessible to residents. The goal of the program is to increase the recovery of recyclable material in locations that may not traditionally have recycling containers like at beaches, on downtown streets and in community parks.

SWA has teamed with the American Beverage Association (ABA) to locate more than 120 recycling bins in designated areas in our partnering cities. The program will be monitored by the ABA periodically to measure the amount of recovered recyclable materials as well as looking at other indicators that can tell us how to make this program work best for our residents. The findings of the study will be helpful to other communities that are setting up such recycling programs of their own. The SWA appreciates the teamwork shared with our program partners and for the opportunity that this program brings to our county. Thank you to the American Beverage Association, and each of the five participating communities: Delray Beach, Lake Park, North Palm Beach, Wellington and West Palm Beach and Wellington.


Recycle on the Go flyer