Is It Recyclable?

  1. Aluminum Can 471x441

  1. Coloring Contest For Creative Conservationists

    Are you drawn to recycling? Announcing a coloring contest for inspired recyclers! Read on...
  2. Though no local disaster declaration, waste volumes up 40 percent

    All of the fallen trees, branches, palm fronds and other yard waste generated by Hurricane Matthew have created a lot more yard waste than usual.
  3. SWA’s October household hazardous waste tip

    Don’t let hazardous materials haunt your home Read on...
  4. Proper Tire Disposal Can Reduce Mosquitoes And Disease

    The mosquitoes that transmit Zika and Dengue fever only need a small amount of water to lay their eggs, so clearing your yard of free standing water will make for a much better summer. Read on...
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Doing Our Part

  1. SWA HCRC Oct 2016

    ~ SWA’s October household hazardous waste tip ~

    Is something sinister slinking under your sink? Is a scourge sheltering in your shed? We’re not talking Halloween monsters – we’re concerned about home chemical horrors. Almost every home has some chemical product that can be hazardous if not disposed of properly. Items such as paints, motor fluids, propane tanks, pesticides, fluorescent bulbs and electronics pose a threat to the public, solid waste workers and our environment if tossed in the trash. Fortunately, vanquishing these harmful horrors is easy: Palm Beach County residents can take these and other household hazardous wastes to any of the SWA’s seven Home Chemical and Recycling Centers for FREE and safe disposal. Learn more»

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